• Developing early stage exploration projects in Southeast Asia
  • Advisory services to the minerals industry
  • Geological - financial - commodity services


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About BFS

Who we are

BFS is principally engaged in assessing and developing early stage mineral exploration projects, primarily in Southeast Asia. It has very promising prospects in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, as well as in Turkey. It is incorporated in Hong Kong and Thailand (as BFS Minerals Co., Ltd.).

What we do

BFS also provides consulting services to the minerals industry for a wide range of metals and industrial minerals, including precious and base metals, gypsum, potash, and colored gemstones. It covers exploration through feasibility, mine-planning, and production as well as selected commodity market analyses.

Our Services

BFS has extensive knowledge of the geology of Southeast Asian deposits through its exclusive geological database. The geological database includes geographic information on mineral deposits as well as information on geology, ownership, mining history, and country factors such as investment, economic, and political risk conditions. This database, maintained on an ongoing basis, is an exclusive asset and an important tool of BFS' advisory services. This allows the understanding of mineralization models and processes, and therefore the confidence in advising clients.

BFS maintains an up-to-date knowledge base on the geology of the region through in-house research work, the systematic collection of current and historic publications and research, and by maintaining a network of experts in the region.

Members, geologists and mining engineers are Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Australian, Turkish and Canadian and have a combined 100+ years’ experience in mineral projects in the sub-region, covering early exploration as well as late stage economic evaluations and feasibility work.

Our Clients

BFS' clients range from junior mineral exploration and development companies to government / NGO organizations, and consulting companies. Clients include:


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